Leash the Hounds

Leash the Hounds


These designer leashes are sure to turn heads!

Available in 3 different lengths, these 1” wide leashes are made of waterproof webbing which is dirt proof, stink proof, and essentially adventure proof. The handle attaches with a heavy duty swivel clasp to make sure the leash spins easily to avoid tangles along the way. Everything is held together with reinforced stitching and Chicago Screws, which can hold up to more than your standard rivet. A lobster clasp completes the leash at the end for easy on and off attachment of the leash.

What is there not to love?

Once you choose a length and click ‘Add to Cart’, a window will pop up asking which fabric you would like for the handle

Webbing Color:
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It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the suitability of this leash for their dog. Much like our collars, these leashes are not recommended for dogs who are extreme pullers on their leash.