Collar of the Month Club-6 Months

Collar of the Month Club-6 Months

from 13.99 every month for 6 months

Love to dress your dog up for the holidays but have a hard time keeping up with the shopping? Sign up for a collar of the month club! Choose between a 3 month or a 6 month subscription. Collars will be shipped each month and will have a design that is catered to that month. Each box includes one handmade collar and some goodies for your furry friend. Made to order, these collars can be customized from the size to the style of collar!

Small- 8"-13" necks
Medium- 11"-17" necks
Large- 15"-23" necks

Please keep in mind that no two collars will be the same due to the fact that each collar is handmade so placement of the fabric might differ from collar to collar.

**Culrytailedhawk partners with a non-profit spay and neuter organization donating handmade collars for their benefit!**