Partnering with Nonprofits


CurlytailedHawk partners with a non-profit spay and neuter organization, donating handmade collars to support their cause. Prevent Homeless Pets helps low income families be responsible pet owners by providing low cost services to those in need.


When you purchase a CurlytailedHawk collar you are helping give back to the community.

Prevent Homeless Pets has helped spay and neuter over 30,000 animals since starting in 2009 helping the overpopulation of animals and preventing homeless pets.

Why Prevent Homeless Pets?


In 2009 my mother asked me if I wanted to go on a trip with her to a little island in Mexico to help with her work. Up for the adventure and not really sure what to expect, I said yes.

We went to Holbox Island to help with their overpopulation of stray dogs and help the families there spay and neuter their pets. During the week, I was in charge of the recovery area and placing collars that we brought on appropriate dogs and wait for their families to come pick them up after surgery.

It was an experience of a lifetime to be able to see how thankful these families were for not only the services the team provided but also the small act of a new collar on their dog.