About Us



Hello! I am Shaunaly and I am the creator, maker, packager, photographer, and shipper of each and every collar that passes through our shop. I put my heart and soul into every collar I make because it is my true passion.



Woof! My name is Hawk and I help my human with every order that she processes. If she drops something, I will pick it up for her! I am always around to help and am an excellent foot warmer.

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Our collars can be made in 3/4”, 1" and 1.5" wide and come in a variety of sizes.

Small- 8"-13" necks
Medium- 11"-17" necks
Large- 15"-23" necks


Our fun, festive collars are made from cotton fabric that is reinforced with interfacing and heavy duty webbing. Each collar is made with a welded D ring* and a metal tri-glider. This ensures the strength of your collar is top notch!

*small collars do not use a welded D ring to eliminate unnecessary bulk on the smaller dog.